Truma d6e installation manual

Advice, maintenance, repairs: Truma's commitment to our customers is part of our history and core values. They stand behind their product.

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So fortunate to have both a competent system and fabulous customer service!! Awesome customer service from everyone we dealt with at the Elkhart location. Great customer service from a company that stands behind a great product. Excellent service! Could not have asked for a better experience.

Main navigation Truma. Search show search input. Truma Customer Support. Call us for more help Contact Us. Keeping you on the Move Advice, maintenance, repairs: Truma's commitment to our customers is part of our history and core values. Register your Truma Product. Kathy P. Facebook Awesome Customer Service Awesome customer service from everyone we dealt with at the Elkhart location.

Roger I. Facebook Excellent Customer Service Excellent service! Denise R. FAQs Answers to most common questions Learn. Product Manuals Download your product manual or user guide Download. Warranty Registration Extend your 12 month warranty to 24 months Register Now.Quick Links Download this manual.

Table of Contents. Combi E. Gasanschluss Bei Anschluss an eine zentrale Wasserversorgung Land- bzw. Schlauch zur Heizung am Warmluftrohr angelegt werden. Safety instructions Installation instructions for vehicles Truma products and the relevant standards, can carry out the and fastening inside this necessary work properly and identify potential hazards. Page Installation Instructions Installation instructions Selecting a location The appliance and its exhaust gas system must always be installed so that they are easy to access at all times for service work e.

Page Connecting The Exhaust Double Duct To The Appliance Warm air distribution Fire hazard or risk of malfunction if installed incorrectly or if parts other than original Truma parts are used for the warm air distributor. Page Gas Connection Water connection The warm air system is designed individually for each vehicle type using the modular design principle. A wide range of ac- cessories is available for this purpose. Any pressure or immersion pump up to 2. Attach the heater at the warm air duct.

The Truma SC hose clip part the hose 24b to the drainage socket 24ainsert both through no. Page Room Temperature Sensor Installation Room temperature sensor installation When choosing a location, please note that the room temper- ature sensor must not be subjected to direct heat radiation.

Truma Combi D 6 AU Installation Instructions Manual

Page Room Temperature Sensor The following connection combinations are possible. Missing stickers can be requested from Truma. Analogue control panels 1 CP classic control panel Combi Avvertenze di sicurezza Inserire il a partire da questa distanza. In caso di posa parallela, ad es.

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Page Montaggio Del Sensore Temperatura Ambiente Montaggio del sensore temperatura ambiente open Nella scelta della posizione verificare che il sensore tempera- tura ambiente non sia esposto a fonti di calore dirette. Per una regolazione ottimale della temperatura ambiente si consiglia di installare il relativo sensore al di sopra delle porte di ingresso.

Page Sensore Temperatura Ambiente Sono possibili le seguenti combinazioni di collegamento. Gli eventuali adesivi mancanti possono essere richiesti a Truma. Inbouwrichtlijnen voor voertuigen Bevestiging van de verwarming Page Inbouwhandleiding Inbouwhandleiding Plaatskeuze Bouw het toestel en de rookgasafvoer ervan altijd zodanig in dat ze voor onderhoudswerkzaamheden bijv. Page Aansluiting Dubbelwandige Doorvoerbuis Op Het Toestel Voor een optimale verdeling van de warme lucht adviseert Truma altijd alle 4 warmeluchtuitlaten van de verwarming te gebruiken.

Als slechts 3 warmeluchtuitlaten nodig zijn, dan moet een van de onderste warmeluchtuitlaten met een af- sluitdeksel VD-Combi art. Page Gasaansluiting Wateraansluiting Bij een Combi 6 E moeten, om een ophoping van warmte te voorkomen, alle vier warmeluchtuitgangen worden gebruikt.

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De diameter van de warmeluchtbuizen mag Voor het gebruik van de boiler kunnen alle druk- en dompel- niet door samenvoegen of dergelijke worden verminderd.

Bij het langs elkaar leggen, bijv.

truma d6e installation manual

Page Montage Van De Binnentemperatuurvoeler Montage van de binnentemperatuurvoeler Let er bij de plaatskeuze op dat de binnentemperatuurvoeler niet mag zijn blootgesteld aan directe warmtestraling. Voor open een optimale regeling van de binnentemperatuur adviseren wij om de binnentemperatuurvoeler boven de ingangsdeur te monteren.Especially lightweight and compact; can be installed in various positions to save space.

Truma Combi D 6 E heats your vehicle and heats water at the same time. Integrated electric heating elements reduce the heating time. Truma Combi D 6 E is similar to Combi D 6, the only difference being the integrated electric heating elements.

At the camp site, simply switch over to electrical mode and run the heater with the 12V power supply unit, with no need for the vehicle battery.

Truma Combi (E) Installation Instructions Manual

Depending on the required output, choose between diesel, electric or mixed mode: in milder weather, set the appliance to electrical mode, on colder days to diesel mode and in extremely cold weather use mixed mode — diesel and electric heating.

Through four air outlets, the warm air flows into the vehicle where it is distributed optimally. The powerful Truma Combi D 6 E heats larger motor homes within a short time.

truma d6e installation manual

The appliance also has a litre water tank, which is heated at the same time when hot water is required. This means that you do not need an additional water heater, which saves space and weight.

The Combi heater is also very compact and offers many different installation options. Combi D 6 E. Powerful diesel heater with integrated heating elements With integrated heating elements for additional electrical mode Powerful fan and even distribution of warm air Uses little energy Especially lightweight and compact; can be installed in various positions to save space.

Special features. FrostControl drain valve is installed as standard Simple operation with the digital CP plus iNet ready control panel Automatic climate control possible in combination with a Truma air conditioner.

Compare Truma Combi heaters. Truma dealer search Extended parts warranty for Truma Partners Exclusive product range Expert advice. Accessories Find suitable accessories. Customer service. Please select your product category. Heating systems. Gas supply. Truma iNet System. Air conditioning systems. Please select your product family.

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Truma D6E after 2 yrs in regular use

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The Truma Combi D6E Diesel air space and water heater complete kit includes all the parts you need to install and operate the unit itself. Featuring all the benefits of the standard Truma Combi range but with a diesel heater instead of gas alongside an electric element, the Combi D6E is not only effective but also provides increased availability of fuel more suited to those traveling further afield.

Although the Combi D6E is able to operate as both a hot water boiler and space heater, it is relatively small and lightweight. With an inbuilt 10 litre hot water storage tank, the Truma D6E is able to provide enough hot water for everyday tasks as well as heating your living space.

The Combi D6E has 4x heated air outlets allowing for effective heating of your living space. With its digital Truma CP Plus control panel the Combi D6E also allows you complete control over function at any moment, giving you easily adjustable options between hot air, hot water or even having both at once. The Combi D6E is able to operate on V mains in addition to the diesel heater. This not only allows you to heat water and living space air using diesel, but alternatively you can use the electric element when hook-up is available or diesel is unavailable, and you can even use both diesel and electric together for increased performance and efficiency.

New installations will require appropriate diesel fuel lines and ducting.

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The Truma iNet system allows convenient control of your Combi D6E from your tablet or mobile phone via an app. In addition, if you have a Truma air conditioning unit, the control panel can automatically co-ordinate the heater and air conditioning to ensure your living space maintains a comfortable environment.

Please note that ducting, exhaust pipes, the bracket mounting for the diesel pump and wall cowl vents are NOT included with the Truma Combi D6. For a new installation you will require appropriate ducting as well diesel fuel lines etc. Click here to purchase ducting. Suitable for use with the following: Trumatic Heaters Propex The Truma Combi combination boiler and heater range is a popular choice for heating both water Truma 14 Litre Electric Water Heater Boiler for Caravans, Motorhomes or Campervans Running on V mains electric with a powerful watt heating element and a large 14 litre water capacity as well Propex Mains Electric Water Storage Heater The Propex electric water storage heater is a mains powered hot water heater designed for convenient hook-up use in your motorhome, campervan or caravan Sign in Create An Account.

Accept Cookies. Rating Required Select Rating 1 star worst 2 stars 3 stars average 4 stars 5 stars best. Email Required. Review Subject Required.Jump to page : First 1 2 Last. The appliance is essentially a Combi C6 or C6E with the Truma gas-burner unit replaced by an Eberspacher diesel burner-unit. I have tried everywhere to find if anyone else has this problem, but finding another Motorhome owner who had a Truma diesel heater was difficult, lots of Truma heaters but not diesel.

I sought out Truma at Caravan show at the NEC to no avail, I was even resorting to knocking on the doors of giant lorry cabs in lay-bys as I had heard they used these kind of heaters.

truma d6e installation manual

Got some strange looks. So at last this forum has given me some hope. Tell me though could you by any chance have a recommendation for someone to be able to check the heater? I am so glad I decided to join this forum and wish I had earlier. I will do what you advised and recontact the company that sold me the vehicle and show them the response I have had, if you do not mind me doing that?

I will wait first to see if Andy and David respond to your query and also if it is permissible to send the company a transcript of our conversations. Many thanks Trevor. All Rights Reserved.

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Company Registered in England no. GB You are logged in as a guest. Forums Home. Search our Forums. Log in to the Forums. Register on the Forums. Keeps coming back for more Posts: Hi I have recently purchased a campervan with a Truma diesel heating system which heats the water also.

Works fine except for the constant tick over of the pump which I cannot get used to.Quick Links. Page 3: Table Of Contents — modifications to the unit including accessories— modifications to the exhaust duct and the cowl, — failure to use original Truma parts as replacement parts and accessories, — failure to follow the installation and operating instructions. Page 4: Choice Of Location Choice of location There must not be any heat-sensitive materials beneath the unit e. Page 5: Exhaust And Combustion Air Ducting Fit outer part of cowl Fill groove on outer part of cowl 8 with plastic body sealant Only Truma duct sets consisting of an exhaust muffler, an not siliconethen secure outer part of cowl to wall of vehicle extraction air duct and an air intake muffler must be used for with 4 screws.

Page 6: Recirculated Air Intake Always connect gas-tight adapter 18 of exhaust muffler 4 Fit air intake muffler to unit to unit.

Replace damaged O-ring Route air intake muffler so that electrical connections — Slide clamp 22 onto extraction duct 5. Use only pressure-safe ducts in compliance with Truma quality requirements. Other ducts Always cut fuel hoses and lines to length using a sharp knife. Page 8: Installing The Metering Pump Installing the metering pump Connect unit and metering pump to fuel pipe Mark hole for leading through fuel pipe in soundproofing Always install metering pump with the pressure side delivery hose and metering pump connecting cable on floor of vehicle direction sloping upwards.

Page 9: Water Connection A water hose may only be fitted at a clearance of 1. The Truma hose clip SC part no. In the case of parallel installations, e. Page Installation Of The Pressure Reducer Installation of the pressure reducer Push the venting hose, external diameter 11 mm 47onto the hose grommet of the venting valve 46aand lay it to the Depending on the scope of supply — pressure reducer A or B outside without any kinks.

Page Electrical Connections Electrical connections The connecting cables and plugs must not be subjected to force. Bundle connecting cables see figure and secure each Route connecting cables in such a way that they cannot one to housing using a cable binder in order to provide strain chafe. To remove the block, please contact the Dometic Service Centre see www. Check fuel lines and connections for leaks after filling the fuel lines.

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truma d6e installation manual

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