Qsl card printing program

QSL cards are printed four to each sheet of paper; you can specify each card's width and height in inches or millimeters. A printer capable of handling card stock is recommended. Each printed page can be thought of as having four quadrants, with quadrant 1 in the upper left, quadrant 2 in the upper right, quadrant 3 in the lower left, and quadrant 4 in the lower right. DXKeeper places QSL cards into quadrants in a specific order that, if maintained, avoids the need to sort the final deck by DXCC prefix after the cards are separated with a paper cutter.

To achieve this order, start with the cards in quadrant 1, then append the cards in quadrant 2, then quadrant 3, and finally those in quadrant 4. Reply cards are printed four to each sheet of paper using the same width and height settings in inches or millimeters specified for QSL cards.

Reply cards display your station callsigna confirmation from the station worked, and the following information for each QSO:. Also unlike QSL cards, Reply cards do not include a background image. On installation, DXKeeper is pre-configured to support. You can specify QSL label dimensions in either inches or millimeters. Note that setting a column offset to 0 reduces the number of label columns per page. Single and 2-column QSL labels contain the callsign of the station worked, and the following information for each QSO:.It boasts a clean and simple interface that gives users the possibility to perform most operations with just a few clicks.

QSL Maker enables you to select the size of the card, specify the number of pages, choose the background color, insert the call sign and set its position on the card. QSL Maker allows users to add details about the call sign, time and date when it occurred, radio frequency, signal report, and the mode of transmission used. It is possible to create multiple QSL cards and sort them by call sign.

Plus, you can preview the cards before printing them. It is important to mention that hotkeys are also available for a better control over the entire process, but they cannot be reassigned. During our testing we have noticed that the tool offers good image quality and no errors showed during our testing.

It can be easily configured and installed by all types of users, regardless of their experience level. The tool cannot be described as the most powerful one the market, as it still needs some improvements in the GUI area. QSL Maker. A simple-to-use application that allows users to create and print QSL cards, while offering the possibility to customize their layout. Load comments. QSL Maker 2. All rights reserved.QRZ Forums.

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I am sure this has been talked about, but here it is again. I tried using HamQSLer, but not sure if I am using it right and it does not pickup operators name or do not know how to input it.

Also the QSL info.

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Last edited: Feb 8, N7LUFFeb 8, I design them in a word processor, like Open Office or Libre Seems quick, easy, and fun without much learning.

Also Eqsl has design templates. N7ZALFeb 8, I am using it with Win W6GMTFeb 8, You can set up a mailmerge. Use Word or Publisher to create the merge document, use Excel or Access to hold the log information. W3WNFeb 8, ADIF is not a format that Microsoft will recognize, directly.

qsl card printing program

So what software are you using to generate the ADIF file? Some applications will also generate other formats, including pure text and comma separated values CSVboth of which can be imported into Excel very easily. I then massage that Excel file to match the columns and other data that I use to print cards from.

Oh, you can buy perforated cardstock that is perfect for printing cards at any office supply store. Avery cardstock tends to be expensive, but it is the name brand; most stores also have a house brand that is just as good, sometimes better, and almost always cheaper.

I don't see the QSL maker program download link N7ZALFeb 9, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Share This Page.

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qsl card printing program

Register for a free QRZ account.With each order there is a progress bar showing the work done on your QSL. It's possible to receive by e-mail regular info indicating the updates to your QSL design. Non of our competitors offer this type of customer service. Temporary discactivated. New kind of QSL in offer. You can order cards filled with your QSO's from adi file. No more hand writing, no more labels, ready cards to send out.

Great quality, fast printing and low price. Visit pricelist. I invite you to check our new price list of QSL cards. You will find other plastic cards and features fast printing days.

New cards are of pressed parts, such as call sign or logo. This option is available for selected products. On request you can order cards with foil mats and selective coating.

Transparent cards - new on the HAM market. Have you an idea for a custom cards? Contact us, we can do everything and even more : NEW! Promotional catalog: download. Want be informed about any updates on this website? Just put in your e-mail addres in the field below and join our news' list. We will not pass your email forward.

We have launched the online store with some of our products. We invite you to read the offer on gadgets, mugs, t-shirts and many more. We offer interesting rubber stamps. Our stamps are bounce without refilling ink or 7 years of use. It uses a special ink that does not dry out the stamps.

Standard stamps R17 is a typical "verified by". Visit price list. Choose language English Polish. QSL Print progress online! Search for a QSL:. LA2MOA 2.You never have to wait for the printer again! Custom printing your own cards is fast and easy.

Instantly update your awards progress on your cards. Use a photo of you or your shack for that super custom look. Have a stack of cards ready to mail the day you get back from that vacation Dxpedition.

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You can make a few professional looking cards for your club call or a seldom used callsign. Click on any pictures for larger image. The QslKit is a pack of 8. Each sheet of 4 cards has been "Micro Perforated" to separate easily and cleanly. The cards are arranged in a 4-up bank of 3. Just change the personal information in the text boxes, and your own photo or graphics, and print. You can be making your own cards in minutes. Well I have improved a lot and printing on your white stock has made more difference than I expected.

I saw the previous samples on your web site and I don't think they do your product justice on the ivory stock. I will attempt to attach my improved efforts and if you wish you can change those presently on your site. If attaching them doesn't work out I'll put them in the mail. Personally I think picture cards are a better selling point for your product. You were right about the white stock, it is a bit flimsier than the ivory, however, that has advantages also, they weigh less when you send to the outgoing bureau Hi.

Design info. The printer here is an Epson Stylus Photo Be sure to specify standard Ivory color or optional White. I have always struggled with how to fill out SWL cards. This design makes it pretty easy. You will receive the completed MS Publisher file or printable. Turnaround time on design services is usually less than 48 hours. Most design work is done by my daughter Gentry who is the model throughout the web site.

Just contact Ron for more details. Logic also has report formats that support our QslKit cardstock to print the QSL card with your full graphics, and the confirmation information in one pass automatically. Joe's program is a stand alone QSL publishing program at a very reasonable price.

Personalized QSL Cards for Ham Radio

Click here www. E-Mail Ron. Index Dividers. Return Envelopes. World Maps.QSL Cards - 2 Sided. Style QSL See our Single Sided DX cards. See our c ustom cards. See our Eyeball QSL cards.

Over 50 Years of Quality Printing

Style QSL7. Style QSL8. Every time you send a QSL Card it gives you the opportunity to tell another ham a little more about you. They are printed on traditional Offset Printing Presses. We do not use ink jet printers. So you don't have to worry about ink longevity problems. See the specifications section below for additional information. We think you will like our QSL Cards. I will create your card for the state that is on your card's mailing address. Style QSL6.

The Century Club These cards have a custom back that is customizable. It is QSL Back 4.

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You can list all of your Awards on the back. Also, if you are a club officer you can list that on the back or the front along with the extra points.

Style QSL9. Style QSL5. If you reorder a QSL Card with minor changes, fill in the form below.Follow our tweets! Home Lost Reg Code? Load in the background image file, position your text fields, and you're all set to go!

You can even keep track of the QSL number and increment it. The best way to understand how to use the app is to load a sample file. I'd suggest loading "Test File" first. Start the app and open this file from the File menu, or drag and drop this file on top of the eQSL Factory app to launch the app and open the file.

You'll see the sample eQSL, with several text fields already filed out. There's a list box in the lower left part of the window, with an entry for each text field. Click on each field, and it will be highlighted in the eQSL image, and the various fields in the upper left part of the window will be filled in with the details for that entry.

You can edit the entry using them. Most of the settings should be self explanatory. The "Name" field is what appears in the list box, it does not appear anywhere on the eQSL itself. You can customize the eQSL by editing the text for each field. Once your eQSL is done, you can select Copy Image from the Export menu to copy it to your clipboard, then you can paste it into an email or text file.

Be sure to save your eQSL information by using Save from the File menu, it won't be automatically saved when you quit the app or close the file, if you have made any changes. Request that your reporters include their pertinent information name, date, frequency, time, RST, etc in a specific format. Each is preceded by the field name, which always starts with two dollar signs, and ends with a colon.

qsl card printing program

Then following the colon is the actual text. Your eQSL template then includes these field names in the various text fields. When you copy the above text from a report, and import it into eQSL Factory, the text will be automatically placed in the correct fields. The best way to see how this works is to look at an example.

This is where the text from a report will go. The report information should be automatically added to the correct text fields. Now instead of it taking many minutes to make a custom eQSL, it only took seconds! The five fields used here are just an example, there is no limit to the fields that can be used. Your reporters however need to know what fields to provide data for, so it is suggested to use a standard like this.

Print QSL Labels

QSL numbers can auto be automated. Clicking on the increment button will advance this number by one. You can also directly edit the field to change it. Be sure to save your template file if you have changed the QSL number or anything else. Registration code sent by email, software download.

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