Good times season 6 episode 5

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good times season 6 episode 5

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Awards Tour. RT Archives. TV Premiere Dates Log in with Facebook. Email address. Log In. First Name. Last Name. By signing up, you agree to receiving newsletters from Rotten Tomatoes.The sitcom series Good Timeswhich originally aired on CBS from February 8,to August 1,has episodes, three of which were not shown during the original network run but turned up in the syndication package.

James John Amos is excited because he is sure that he is going to get a high paying job. However, at the interview, he learns that he is too old to join the company's union. However, Florida refuses to entertain the notion that the painting had anything to do with the recent string of "good times".

Creator Eric Monte appears as Numbers Runner. Note : This episode was taped after the pilot to add additional characters and to provide background for those in the pilot episode. Despite Florida's opinion, James goes down to the pool hall to try to hustle some money; J. Michael, one of the brightest boys in his class, comes home with the news that he scored the lowest out of his whole class on an I.

Infuriated at first, Florida and James hear Michael out and realize that I. Meanwhile, J. James is sure that he is going to get a sales position at a department store but when he brings Florida along to the interview he is in for a big surprise — the supervisor would rather hire Florida than him. It seems the supervisor would "kill two birds with one stone" hiring an African American woman.

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While Florida is away in Cleveland for a family funeral, the Evans' family is hit with a double dose of unemployment after both James and J. James' boss at Brady's puts him on a temporary lay-off and the movie theater where J. Wanting to support his family, J. While James is out of town, Florida and her brother Wilbert are left to deal with a troubled Michael.

Cutting classes, getting into fights at school, and low grades are all warning signs that lead Florida to make an appointment to see Michael's teacher. A feud erupts in the Evans' household when James and J. It seems Davis is a shyster who gets nothing done in the neighborhood, which is why she cannot believe James would back such a loser. After their parents sternly refuse the notion of J.

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Meanwhile, back in Chicago, Thelma makes two shocking discoveries. First, while at the prom she realizes that J. When James and Florida go out of town for a family wedding, the children are left at home alone and J. And Thelma and Michael argue at J.

J and Wilona stop them for argue. However, J.

good times season 6 episode 5

This leads an embarrassed J. Florida tries to calm a furious James and insists that it is time to let Thelma make her own decisions.

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While J. Louis at an art show, the Evans family decides to hold a rent party to help out Wanda Helen Martina neighbor in the building, whose electricity has just been turned off. However, the party may come to a quick halt when the heartless building superintendent, Nathan Bookman, catches wind of it. Meanwhile, Michael, Thelma, Willona and Florida all prepare to provide entertainment during the party.TV Schedule.

Sign In. Good Times — S6, Ep1. Error: please try again. Thelma comes home from a date and tells her family she is in love, and thinks Keith loves her too. She invites Keith to dinner at their home, and he proposes to her. Florida returns home from Arizona and gives her approval for the marriage.

S6, Ep2. With Florida back in town, everyone is excited about her return and Thelma's upcoming wedding. However, Thelma gets nervous and is not sure if she wants to marry Keith. Also, JJ is let go from his job. S6, Ep3. To help pay for Thelma and Keith's wedding, JJ takes gets a loan from a loan shark. The wedding ceremony goes as planned, but as they walk from the church, Keith falls and breaks his leg.

This will affect his job in sports. S6, Ep4. After a joyous wedding ceremony, things are anything but happy. Thelma and Keith cannot go on a honeymoon because Keith's leg is broken and it may end his sports career. Also, the loan sharks come to visit JJ to get their money back. S6, Ep5. Jobs are scarce for Florida and JJ. An ad for a school bus driver catches Florida's eye, but she finds it has strings attached for JJ, and the strings are attached to Alderman Davis.

S6, Ep6. When Willona learns that one of Penny's friends is pregnant, she explains the situation to the year-old - that her friend has a case of the 'stomach mumps'. Florida urges Willona to tell Penny the truth, putting a strain on the rekindled friendship.

S6, Ep7. JJ holds painting classes in the apartment and Thelma and Michael are tired of it. However, he wants to help one student is having problems at home. His father does not want him painting and is being abusive. S6, Ep8. The Evan's apartment feels crowded with Thelma and Keith still living there after their marriage. In addition, things continue to fall apart. Michael decides he can help the situation by moving into his own apartment - with a white girl.This page lists the episode which aired in the sixth and final season of Good Times.

The series had a new character enter the picture, in Keith Andersona collegiate football star who was recently drafted by the NFL's Chicago Bears, whom Thelma began dating, and then began courting, as it's depicted in the season opening episode " Florida's Homecoming: Part 1 "which was part of a four-episode story; Ben Powers joined the cast and assumed the role.

Esther Rolle, who had played the role of Florida Evanswho had left the series at the end of Season 4 because of creative differences with the producer, Norman Learover the direction the series was going in, as well as character development, had a change of heart and decided to return to the series. Janet Jacksonwho played the part of Pennywho had went from a recurring character early the previous season to a main character, began to be seen in the opening credits in Season 6.

A total of 24 episodes were aired, beginning with the first of the four episode story arc "Florida's Homecoming"which aired on September 16, The final episode that aired was the episode "Cousin Raymond"in which Calvin Lockhart guest starred as Raymond BrownFlorida's professional gambler cousin.

The episode, which was taped on February 22,aired in January 30, Actually, the last episode taped was the episode "The End of The Rainbow"where good fortune seemed to spread throughout the Evans' clan, and over to Willona, as they are all able to move out of the projects. The episode was taped on August 1, Guest star: Chip Fields as Ms. Gordon, Penny's mother. This wiki.

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This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Season Information Episodes aired: 24 aired. Categories :. Cancel Save. Universal Conquest Wiki.

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Good Times: Season Six. Season Information. Season 6 episodes. Michael S. Penny and the Facts of Life. Mark Fink. Florida's Physical. Michael G. List of Episodes. Season episode guides.No score yet. Play Sound. Please enter your birth date to watch this video:. January February March April May June July August September October November December 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 Enter.

Good Times. Summary: Both Florida and J. One ad, in the newspaper, for part-time work as a school bus driver sparks Florida's attention, but when Alderman Fred Davis becomes involved, it appears Florida may not have a chance, because one of his relatives is also applying for the position.

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Florida Gets a Job

Buy On. Season 6 Episodes. Episode User Score. More From Metacritic.Created by Eric Monte and Mike Evans and developed by executive producer Norman Learit was television's first African American two-parent family sitcom.

Good Times is a spin-off of Maudewhich itself is a spin-off of All in the Family. In Septemberstreaming company Netflix greenlit an animated sitcom revival. Florida and James Evans and their three children live at North Gilbert Avenue, apartment 17C, in a public housing project in a poor, black neighborhood in inner-city Chicago.

The project is unnamed on the show but is implicitly the infamous Cabrini—Green Homesshown in the opening and closing credits. When producers decided to feature the Florida character in her own show, they changed the characters' history to fit a new series that was well into development rather than start from scratch to create a consistent starring vehicle.

Henry's name became James, he worked various odd jobs, there was no mention of Maude but it was mentioned that Florida was a maid once before in the episode 'The Checkup' and the couple lived in Chicago. James Evans often works at least two jobs, mostly manual labor such as dishwasher, construction laborer, etc.

Though he is often unemployed, he is a proud man who will not accept charity. He sometimes hustles money playing pool, although Florida disapproves of this.

The gospel-styled theme song was composed by Dave Grusin with lyrics written by Alan and Marilyn Bergman. It was sung by Jim Gilstrap and Motown singer Blinky Williams with a gospel choir providing background vocals. Dave Chappelle used this part of the lyrics as a quiz in his "I Know Black People" skit on Chappelle's Show in which the former was claimed as the answer.

When Ralph Carter was cast as the youngest Evans child, Michael, he was a cast member in the Broadway musical Raisin and the producers of Raisin were initially reluctant to accept Tandem Productions' buyout offer. Both expected the show to deal with serious topics in a comedic way while providing positive characters for viewers to identify with. However, it was Walker's character of J. Walker and executive producer Norman Lear were skeptical of the idea, but the phrase and the J.

Evans character caught on with the audience. Throughout seasons two and three, Rolle and Amos grew increasingly disillusioned with the direction of the show and especially with J.

In a interview with Ebony magazine she stated:. He's 18 and he doesn't work.

good times season 6 episode 5

He can't read or write. He doesn't think. The show didn't start out to be that Little by little—with the help of the artist, I suppose, because they couldn't do that to me—they have made J. Negative images have been slipped in on us through the character of the oldest child.

Although doing so less publicly than Rolle, Amos also was outspoken about his dissatisfaction with the J. The writers would prefer to put a chicken hat on J.

While Amos was less public with his dissatisfaction than Rolle, he was ultimately fired after season three due to disagreements with Lear. Amos' departure was initially attributed to his desire to focus on a film career, but he admitted in a interview that Lear called him and told him that his contract option with the show was not being renewed.

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Amos stated, "That's the same thing as being fired. By the end of season four, Rolle had also become dissatisfied with the show's direction and decided to leave the series. In the season five premiere episode, "The Evans Get Involved Part 1," it is revealed that Florida and Carl married off screen and moved to Arizona for the sake of Carl's health.

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