6874 castel san pietro

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Castel San Pietro TI

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Find out more about managing your data and your rights.The village of Castel San Pietro overlooking the Mendrisiotto region takes its name from a castle that once stood on the hill above the town and has since been replaced by the Chiesa di San Pietro church. In the heart of this historic village stands the Masseria Cuntitt farmstead, which was built in the s.

Its perfect location and multipurpose spaces can be enjoyed by all of the residents in the village. The renovated building preserves the past, while at the same time recreating the rhythms of life on a traditional farm for new generations to experience.

Parking: There are various public car parks near the Masseria Cuntitt. Distance on foot: A short, enjoyable walk through the streets of Castel S. Pietro will bring you to the photo spot in just a few minutes.

San Pietro. Intro The village of Castel San Pietro overlooking the Mendrisiotto region takes its name from a castle that once stood on the hill above the town and has since been replaced by the Chiesa di San Pietro church.

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Discover the surroundings ClickToViewContent. Overview Hint. Travel information: San Pietro. Hotel booking Holiday rentals Group houses groups. Railway timetable Car rental. All events Restaurants. Swissrent swiss-ski-school. Scroll To Top. Close watchlist.Questo sito vuole essere un canale di comunicazione ricco di informazioni al servizio del cittadino; un sito dinamico e soprattutto utile. Concorso opere di sottostruttura. Ma cosa prevede nel concreto. Per ulteriori e dettagliate informazioni, leggere attentamente l'allegato avviso.

Numeri emergenza. Servizi comunali. Documenti On-line. Albo comunale. Sportello elettronico. Atti pubblici e amministrativi. Presentazione e cenni storici.

Castel San Pietro

Sport e Tempo libero. Articoli in vendita. Questo portale vuole offrire Caneggio-Campora-Valsago - Concorso fornitura e posa serbatoio prefabbricato - camera di rilancio, nuovo serbatoio e nuove condotte.

6874 castel san pietro

Avviso di pubblicazione domande di costruzione. Ma cosa prevede nel concreto questo progetto? Caneggio-Campora-Valsago - Concorso opere di sottostruttura per camera di rilancio, nuovo serbatoio e nuove condotte.

Avviso di pubblicazione del progetto di nuovo marciapiede che completa il collegamento pedonale e relativo piano d'espropriazione lungo la strada cantonale S nella zona di Loverciano.

Buono Pasto del valore di Fr. Coronavirus Covid - Viene riattivato il servizio a domicilio. Numeri di emergenza. Formulario di richiesta. Regolamento comunale concernente la concessione di un contributo per soggiorni, colonie, campi e corsi culturali e sportivi. Informativa alla popolazione. Ordinanza municipale per vegetali. Ordinanza municipale per ingombranti. Regolamento comunale sulla gestione dei rifiuti. Modulo di domanda per l'uso dei posteggi pubblici senza limitazione di tempo.

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6874 castel san pietro

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Learn more. Let's stay M. All of these events are available on Medacta TV, now completely redesigned. With the M.Castel San Pietro is a municipality in the district of Mendrisio in the canton of Ticino in Switzerland. The municipality was originally part of the Vicinanza of Balerna.

By it had an Imperial palace and it was given to Como Cathedral. During the war between Milan and Como —27 a castle was built, which was the origin of the municipality's name.

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By the midth century, it passed back and forth between the Bishop of Como and the Russ and Rusconi family. At the end of the 14th century, it finally fell into the hands of the family.

In the 15th century, it became part of the Pieve of Balerna.

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Bishop Boniface built a church in the Castle in It was later named in memory of the bloody feud between the Bosia and Rusconi family inas the "Red Church". SinceCastel San Pietro, has been a separate parish.

The parish church of S. Eusebio was mentioned inbut the existing building dates from the 17th—18th centuries and was restored in Fedele and the Bishop of Como and powerful, local families Albrici, Rusconi, and after the 15th century, the Turconi, as witnessed by their Villa Turconi a Loverciano possessed lands in and around the village. The land was mostly farmed in sharecropping and was all tithed.

These charges meant that the land could not always feed the entire population, so that some of the population were compelled to emigrate. At the beginning of the 20th century, a small industrial base tobacco processing, distilleries developed in the valley.

In the s and s other companies textiles, watches and metal processing moved into the village. The municipality of Castel San Pietro is located in the district of Mendrisio. It covers much of the land below Monte Generosoincluding the summit station of the Monte Generoso Railwaybut not the mountain summit itself, which is in the municipality of Rovio.

The municipality consists of the village of Castel San Pietro, which is made up of the sections of Corteglia, Gorla, Loverciano, Obino as well as others. Sincethe former municipalities of Casima and Monte as well as the settlement of Campora formerly part of the municipality of Caneggio have been part of Castel San Pietro. Castel San Pietro has an area, as of [update]of Of this area, 2.

Of the rest of the land, 0. Of the built up area, housing and buildings made up 4.

6874 castel san pietro

Out of the forested land, Of the agricultural land, 7. All the water in the municipality is flowing water. Of the unproductive areas, 1. The blazon of the municipal coat of arms is Gules a castle with one tower argent and coupeaux vert. Castel San Pietro has a population as of December [update] of 2, Most of the population as of [update] speaks Italian The remainder 41 people speak another language.

As of [update]the gender distribution of the population was The population was made up of Swiss men There were Swiss women In [update] there were 18 live births to Swiss citizens and 1 birth to non-Swiss citizens, and in same time span there were 19 deaths of Swiss citizens and 2 non-Swiss citizen deaths.Alle Zocche 1 Castel San Pietro.

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